The Power of Prebiotics

Maintaining a healthy digestive system can be particularly challenging when it comes to our canine companions. Dogs engage with most things using their mouths, and unfortunately this means that even the most well-mannered pets can be exposed to unexpected digestive disturbances.

A balanced digestive system is a central part of canine health, and this relies heavily on the healthy flora that reside within the gastrointestinal tract. This normal, healthy flora plays an important role in good digestive function, helping dogs to get more from their meals and developing a stronger, more resilient gastrointestinal system.

Just as your dog requires a healthy diet, the healthy flora that reside in the gut also need a source of sustenance to grow and flourish. MSPeubiotic® is unique in its ability to resist breakdown through the digestive system, travelling all the way through to the hind gut where it is fermented by the flora that reside there.

This natural source of pure prebiotics doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives, and can be given to dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. Adding MSPeubiotic® to your dog’s diet is a simple, convenient solution that can help…

  • BALANCE GUT FLORA: Maintain an abundance of healthy flora and improve overall gut health.
  • BETTER NUTRIENT UPTAKE: Enhance the absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from the diet.
  • REDUCE ODOR AND FLATULENCE: Improve fecal consistency and reduce fecal odor and flatulence.
  • HEALTHY SKIN & SHINY COAT: Improve the condition and quality of the skin and coat.
  • SUPPORT THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Support healthy immune function and help dogs recover from illness faster.

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