The world is a big place for your youngest patients, who may also be your most adventurous and mischievous! Puppies and kittens frequently get themselves into a world of tummy troubles and require extra support. The challenge is that these patients also have unique needs based on their age.

Did you know that growing pets go through what is termed an “immunity gap” between 4-12 weeks of age? This is a vulnerability window when maternal immunity starts to fade, but self-made antibodies are not fully protective yet. Every chance we get to support rapid immune development is a chance to ensure a healthy pet!

What if you could offer these patients the following, with one simple solution?

  • Healthy growth via a high energy formula with specific nutrient levels
  • Appetizing textures including rehydratable kibble, to help with hydration and weaning when needed
  • Immunity support through special nutrients such as beta glucans
  • Microbiome support to promote a healthy digestive tract

NOW YOU CAN, with the FIRST and ONLY Gastrointestinal diets formulated specifically for puppies and kittens. Available in both kibble and canned formats!

Submitted by Erin Hendrickson, RVT

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