Kudos Goes To..

The SAVT is excited to launch our Kudos Program! This program allows anyone (RVT, DVM, Manager, vet team member, or the public) to submit a kudos to be shared with them and the veterinary community. These kudos can be thank yous or celebrations for something that has been done or accomplished by that individual. These thank yous and celebrations do not have to be veterinary related if there is something that they’ve contributed to in the clinic or the community that you think should be recognized. The Kudos Program is an opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of veterinary professionals in Saskatchewan. There is no maximum to the number of kudos that you can submit however they may not be released and shared all at once.

Below are the kudos from the last month!

Kudos goes to Lauren McLoughlin, RVT from Shelby Riess, RVT. “Lauren and I went to tech school together & have been inseparable ever since. After graduation Lauren & I both got a job at the same veterinary clinic, we both eventually went on our own way to separate clinics. When a position opened up at Lakewood Animal Hospital she was the first person that popped into my mind as I knew she’d be a great asset to our team. Lauren is so compassionate, caring and knowledgeable. She goes above and beyond everyday for her patients. Lauren a great leader and mentor. We are so lucky to have her apart of our LAH family.”

Kudos to Charlotte Timoshuk, RVT from Dr. Charlotte Williams from Hooves and Paws Veterinary Clinic. “Charlotte Timoshuk has worked in practice 15 years as a technician. She answers the phone perfectly, remembers everybody?s name and does excellent work in everything we ask her to do . Recently we have new technicians? in training in our office she shown us she does not mind sharing her knowledge and experience with others. We have celebrated with her privately but want everyone to know how much she is valued and appreciated.”

Kudos goes to Mackenzie Ripplinger, RVT from Dr. Barbara Eatock. “Mackenzie is a new technician who has amazing technical skills already. She is smart and eager to learn. She has been a great addition to our clinic!”

Kudos goes to Jennifer Ford, RVT from Wascana Animal Hospital. “Jenn is a fantastic ambassador for what a Registered Vet Tech should aspire to! She not only has amazing technical skills, but has wonderful communication abilities with our clients and other team members. Jenn is a team player, a very hard worker and a joy to work with. Especially during the challenging times of COVID, she continued to exemplify dedication to her role. We love her and are so blessed to have her as part of our work family!”

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