Kudos Goes To..

The SAVT is excited to launch our Kudos Program! This program allows anyone (RVT, DVM, Manager, vet team member, or the public) to submit a kudos to be shared with them and the veterinary community. These kudos can be thank yous or celebrations for something that has been done or accomplished by that individual. These thank yous and celebrations do not have to be veterinary related if there is something that they’ve contributed to in the clinic or the community that you think should be recognized. The Kudos Program is an opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of veterinary professionals in Saskatchewan. There is no maximum to the number of kudos that you can submit however they may not be released and shared all at once.

Below are the kudos from the last month!

Kudos goes to Wendy Mock, RVT and Chantel Steele, RVT from Dr. Michelle Lange at the Martensville Veterinary Hospital. “While facing an unprecedented increase in case load over the past 4 months, working long hours and the challenges of COVID, both Wendy and Chantel’s exceptional technical skills, knowledge, teamwork, and professionalism were not only evident to myself and clients, it was the key to our success. Thanks to their efforts and commitment, we were able to provide quality veterinary care to our clients and community during these challenging times.”

Kudos goes to Tara Holland, RVT from Nadine Schueller, RVT!”Tara and I worked together beginning in 2017 when I became her new manager and he was lead RVT. Her work ethic, her team centred attitude and her amazing RVT and leadership abilities shone thorough immediately. I believe that Tara deserves a Kudos as she not only took on additional responsibility for her practice through the renovations, but worked as ‘acting manager” on top of her RVT role as I moved on and VCA changed structure. It is never an easy task moving from co-worker to manager/leader and she has continued to learn and grow. I am proud to call her a friend, and I am proud to say she has been recently promoted to full general Manager of VCA Frontier Animal Hosptial and I have no doubt that she will continue to shine as it grows into an emergency hospital. It warms my heart to see RVT’s in leadership positions showing the world what we are capable of!”

Kudos goes to all RVTs at the Veterinary Medical Centre from Nadine Schueller, RVT! “As COVID changed our world and our veterinary world, many clinics, staff and doctors had to adapt. In our unique situation, Veterinary Medical Centre went from full program teaching with a hospital full of students to emergencies only with only the staff to cover. The University Campus was closed, our hospital was mandated to reduce staffing levels and yet we had to ensure animals were cared for as the critical care/emergency hospital for the majority of Saskatchewan and neighbouring provinces. The clinicians were dealing with changing their rotations to remote/online learning plus working within the clinic so anxiety and tension were high on top of the anxiety of COVID. Within this situation, our staff had their schedules completely changed, they changed to working 24/7 including overnight and weekend shifts, were broken into small teams and took on learning emergency medicine and becoming familiar with different jobs throughout the hospital to ensure we could meet this emergency demand. With surrounding clinics reducing their appointments and caseload as well, our emergency department also had increased demand during this time. I want to give a shout out and give kudos to say how incredibly proud I am of them all! I am proud of the lead hands who were charged with communication in an ever-changing environment and were often on the front line of change, I am proud of the RVTs who stepped into leadership roles and helped co-workers learn, teach old and new clinicians and another service area RVTs emergency medical procedures and care. I am proud of the RVTs within our hospital that went outside their comfort zones and took on the chaos of not only learning emergency medicine but emergency medicine within COVID, with new procedures, policies, schedules and curbside service and the chaos of all this change in a short amount of time! I am proud of the RVT staff that learned a new area and the outstanding care that the patients received! Our Veterinary Medical Centre RVTs showed how quickly they can learn; they showed resilience, adaptability, compassion and teamwork and I could not be more proud of the RVTs we have here at the Veterinary Medical Centre! I am proud of all the staff, but since this is an RVT forum, I have focused on them specifically!”

Kudos goes to Tara Holland, RVT; Jesse LeCuyer, RVT; Kristian Werezak, RVT; Stephanie Wiebe, RVT; & Kiera Lenard from Ashley Martin.”I would like to send a kudos to all of the Vet Techs at VCA Canada Frontier Animal Hospital – Tara Holland, RVT, Jesse LeCuyer, RVT, Kristian Werezak, RVT, Stephanie Wiebe, RVT and Kiera Lenard. Thank you all for being great mentors and helping me and a couple of my classmates complete our SaskPolytech Vet Tech program. These past few months have been challenging and stressful for everyone and you all stepped up and helped us through. You showed so much patience, taught me so much, and made everyday a lot of fun. You are all great at what you do and I appreciate you all very much!”

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