Kudos Goes To..

The SAVT is excited to launch our Kudos Program! This program allows anyone (RVT, DVM, Manager, vet team member, or the public) to submit a kudos to be shared with them and the veterinary community. These kudos can be thank yous or celebrations for something that has been done or accomplished by that individual. These thank yous and celebrations do not have to be veterinary related if there is something that they’ve contributed to in the clinic or the community that you think should be recognized. The Kudos Program is an opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of veterinary professionals in Saskatchewan. There is no maximum to the number of kudos that you can submit however they may not be released and shared all at once.

Below are the kudos from the last month!

From Breanna Olafson, RVT, to Megan Magee, RVT, both at the Animal Health Centre of Melville. Megan Magee, RVT is a rock star mixed animal technician. She can juggle a million things and handles it with ease on a daily basis. She loves working with all animals, but cattle have a special place in her heart. Her passion as a technician radiates and I am so thankful for her mentorship as a new tech many years ago. She just celebrated her 10 year milestone, so here is a huge congratulations to her on an amazing 10 year technician career!!

From Grace Neel, RVT, to Kendall Prayda, RVT, both from 24HR Animal Care Centre in Regina. She is a very hard working RVT, who is always on top of everything going on in our clinic while still taking time to teach and/or support others. During the pandemic our 24 hr clinic has remained open and taken on many new clients. Kendall has been amazing with adjusting to changing protocols and continuing to work tirelessly through all the stress. She is a coworker I look up to & deserves kudos for sure!!

From Marlee Wiebe, RVT, to Sarah Mooney, RVT, both at Acadia Veterinary Clinic. “Sarah is both a fantastic tech and amazing friend! We always have so much fun working together and she has truly become one of my closest friends. She makes the crazy busy days and all the stress that comes with the job of being an RVT feel more manageable. Thanks for being an amazing person to work with.”

From Taunia Arthur, RVT RMLAT, to Michele Moroz, RVT RMLAT, both at the University of Saskatchewan. “I wanted to send a kudos out to Michele Moroz for helping 4 individuals (3 at the University of Saskatchewan and one from Ontario) achieve their Registered Master Laboratory Animal Technician Certification(RMLAT)! She started studying with us on a monthly basis starting in April 2019 and then in October 2019 we started a 2x/week study session until February of 2020. She took time out of her day to help us to study for this long and difficult exam process. She is always willing to answer questions and provide her knowledge and expertise to help out!”

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