Kudos Goes To..

The SAVT is excited to launch our Kudos Program! This program allows anyone (RVT, DVM, Manager, vet team member, or the public) to submit a kudos to be shared with them and the veterinary community. These kudos can be thank yous or celebrations for something that has been done or accomplished by that individual. These thank yous and celebrations do not have to be veterinary related if there is something that they’ve contributed to in the clinic or the community that you think should be recognized. The Kudos Program is an opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of veterinary professionals in Saskatchewan. There is no maximum to the number of kudos that you can submit however they may not be released and shared all at once.

Below are the kudos from the last month!

From Janine Kernaleguen, RVT VPM at Gateway Veterinary Services to Kendra Sorokoski, RVT is our tech in charge of Medicine at the office. These last couple of months have been a wild whirlwind of craziness with our busiest month EVER for appointments (April 2020) while doing every appointment curbside and over the telephone. She is a rock star for keeping her cool and handling the massive influx of appointments, patient follow ups and lab tests. She is our Clinic Team baker and still brings goodies to the office, using baking as an outlet for stress relief. We would be lost without her.

Kudos goes to Kate Dean, RVT from Martensville Veterinary Hospital from Chantelle Steele, RVT!”When our clinic owner was diagnosed with cancer, Kate was abruptly shoved into a role of full time RVT AND clinic manager. This change came only weeks before COVID 19 changed everything. She’s been working non stop to keep us and our clients safe, all the while trying keep us all from losing our minds while not losing her own.”

Kudos goes to Taylor Sunderland, RVT from Janine Kernaleguen, RVT VPM at Gateway Veterinary Services. “Taylor is our tech in charge of Surgery at the office. She also assists in Medicine appointments in the afternoon once all of her patients are looked after and ready for pick up. Taylor is level headed and always predicable, organized and easily moves from one task to another. Our clinic relies heavily on our tech team to keep patients and clients happy and cared for. She is very thorough in everything she does and handles every situation with ease. We have asked more work from Taylor than ever during these crazy times and Taylor has never failed to step up and help the team out whenever possible.”

Kudos goes to Megan Ross, RVT and Partner In Crime from Janine Kernaleguen, RVT VPM. “Megan has been my right hand for the last few years and has been a person that we rely on heavily within our Team. Megan has taken additional training to step into the position of Medical Director with in our practice. She is the most giving and loyal person. Megan is always willing to go the extra mile to help our her Team. She is excellent with patients, clients and co-workers. Her passion for her occupation and industry is evident. We have developed a close bond weathering the storm of management together. I am so thankful to have her as a friend and a co-worker.”

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