Student Spotlights

Congratulations to the veterinary technology graduates from Saskatchewan!

Alexandria Kenney grew up on a farm between Dalmeny and Saskatoon and had and still has cows, horses, chickens, dogs, and cats. As a kid she always wanted to work with animals and always loved medicine so becoming an RVT was a perfect fit! Lexi’s favourite part about being an (R)VT is the importance of the RVT voice in the care of animals and she looks forward to using that voice in a large animal practice, mixed animal practice, or in research after graduation. Lexi enjoys horseback riding, archery, and crocheting and looks forward to a future of new experiences and to witness the opportunities that a career as an RVT has to offer. Congratulations Lexi!

Alexandria Kenney

Ashley Martin is from Delisle, SK, and has always had a passion for animals with a soft spot for her dog Brady.  After working as a legal assistant for several years Ashley decided that she needed to do something more rewarding and becoming an RVT seemed like the perfect fit.  After graduation Ashley looks forward to working in a small animal clinic and continuing her hobbies and passion of travelling, gardening, and spending time at the family cabin.  Ashley’s favourite part about being an RVT so far is the continuous learning and being able to use so many different skills every day.  As a volunteer for the SAVT Board of Directors as a student liaison she understands the importance of being a voice for others and being a voice for animals and bettering their lives while also being there for their owners is what she is the most excited about in her future in veterinary medicine.

Ashley Martin

Kailyn Forgrave is from Warman, SK and has two dogs.  Kailyn decided to become a vet tech because animals have this way of showing their unconditional love to people and she wanted to be able to show her love back to them by helping them.  Kailyn has always loved animals and wanted to be a part of veterinary medicine.  She is looking forward to working in a rural clinic in Saskatchewan after graduation where she can cuddle all the calves (which is her favourite part of being a vet tech).  When she isn’t studying and cuddling calves she enjoys crocheting, sketching, dog walking, pet sitting, and visiting the SPCA for even more animal cuddles.  Her future in veterinary medicine could potentially involved starting a doggie “spa daycare”.  Kailyn wants anyone interested in becoming a vet tech to keep their chin up and although the two year program is crazy it’s completely worth it!

Kailyn Forgrave

Alexia King is from Delisle, SK, and owns two English bulldogs (Ryder and Riggs).  Alexia decided to become an RVT for many reasons!  She love animals and wants to be able to give an owner the same feeling that her mentors did when they treated her pets and being able to help educate a client from brand new puppy all the way to helping the pet cross the rainbow bridge.  Alexia currently works at Delisle Veterinary Service and looks forward to continuing with that after graduation and eventually wants to pursue a specialty in Emergency and Critical Care or Behaviour.  Alexia’s favourite part about being an (R)VT so far is being able to advocate for the animal who doesn’t have a voice and learning something new all the time.  When she isn’t being a student and advocate for animals she enjoys writing, listening to music, and being with her family outside of the work life. 

Alexia King

Bailey Kzyzyk is from Saskatoon. She lives camping, gardening, hiking, travelling, and basically anything outdoors. She has a turtle named Sheldon who is now Shelly because she thought it was a boy until it started to lay eggs! Bailey also has a rescue pit bull cross named Koda. Bailey chose to become an RVT because she always had an interest for animals and nature and their intertwined relationship and wanted to be a part of a career that put animals’ needs above all else. After graduating Bailey plans on keeping her options open and looking into opportunities with wildlife, conservation, small animals, and rehabilitation. Bailey finds it very exciting to know that being an RVT means that she will always have numerous job opportunities to pursue and each of them will create a new and unique learning experience for her. The thing that Bailey loves most about being an RVT is being an advocate for the animals she has in her care and ensuring that they have everything they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Bailey Kzyzyk

Morgan Ashdown is from Pilot Butte, SK, and currently has two horses and a cat.  Morgan decided to become an RVT because she enjoys veterinary medicine and helping animals live their best life.  She loves seeing patient progress and continual opportunities to learn and develop.  After graduation Morgan plans on working in a mixed practice, focusing her continuing education on large animal and rehabilitation.  Rehab is something that she is excited about investing in in the future and potentially seeking a specialty in the future.  Her favourite part about being an RVT so far is learning from her coworkers and educating owners and the public.  Morgan’s hobbies outside of school mostly revolve around her horses – showing and training as often as she can.  She also plays piano and trained to her first dan black belt in taekwondo which she hopes to return to one day. 

Morgan Ashdown

Teryn McBain grew up on an acreage 30 minutes south of the Saskatoon by Pike Lake.  Teryn has always loved animals and knew that she wanted her career to revolve around them.  Teryn has three rescue dogs Callie, Cookie, and Cinnamon and an off track thoroughbred named Dainer.  Teryn is looking forward to pursue a career in large animal medicine if possible.  Her favourite part of being an (R)VT so far is being able to work with animals as part of her job everyday meaning it makes her job something she loves.  Teryn enjoys riding and competing in show jumping with her horse Dainer and driving drag race cars.  Teryn was the 2019 champion of the class Super Pro at Saskatchewan International Raceway against men and women of all ages.  In the future Teryn would like to specialize as an RVT related to where ends up working which hopefully is in large animal medicine.

Teryn McBain

Erica Quittenbaum grew up on a farm near Asquith, SK. Growing up on a farm she always had an interest in the animals around her. She remembers one time when she was young the vet came to pregnancy check the cows and she thought it was the coolest thing! Erica loves being a part of the agriculture world, helping people, and being outside. Being an RVT allows Erica to do all of those things!

Erica has bottle raised a few calves but currently has a dog, a horse, and some chicks. After graduating from the program Erica would love to work with large animals and to work outside as much as possible. She looks forward to exploring non-traditional roles as an RVT in environments other than a clinical setting. Her favourite part about almost being an RVT is being able to help people through caring for, nurturing, and educating owners about their animals. In the future of veterinary medicine in her community Erica is looking forward to being able to share her knowledge and wisdom with those around her so that they can better care for their animals. Erica has enjoyed all of the practical learning opportunities during her time in the program and look forward to many more as her career progresses. Erica is very thankful for the many people she has met through the program and looks forward to what God has planned for her in the future of veterinary medicine.

Erica Quittenbaum

Cadence Thompson grew up in Warman, SK and has always had a strong passion and big heart for all animals. Cadence currently has a chocolate lab puppy named Remington and an orange tabby cat named Reba. After graduation Cadence would love to work in a small animal clinic. Cadence’s favourite part so far about being an (R)VT is being excited to go to work every day knowing each day will be something new and a new pet to meet. Cadence also looks forward to being able to continue learning and gaining more knowledge in veterinary medicine. Cadence loves anything outdoor, canoe trips, camping, gardening, and travelling. She also fs really loves spending time with family and friends. Cadence is excited to help be an advocate for animals and to help share the importance of animal welfare. Being fear-free is something she is very passionate about and an area she looks forward to raising awareness about. Cadence is thankful for the friends she has gained through the vet tech program and is excited to see where this career takes her and each of her classmates.

Cadence Thompson

Mercedes Kuny grew up on an acreage near Tisdale, SK and recently graduated from Lakeland College. Mercedes has two dogs at home, Annie and Murdock along with 2 horses and about 10 farm cats. Mercedes has always known she wanted to work in veterinary medicine. She started volunteering at her local clinic when she was in middle school and loved every aspect of the clinic and admired how hard working the technicians were and how much they were able to do within the hospital. From helping clients over the phone to monitoring a patient under anesthetic to placing an IV catheter, she appreciated the broad skill set technicians had to have. Mercedes is now excited to be a part of that and loves being able to help patients and along the way the clients as well. Mercedes loves that her job is something different everyday and that it makes each day exciting since you never know what’s going to happen. After graduation Mercedes plans to work in small and exotic medicine and improve her understanding about as many different species as she can. Veterinary medicine is an amazing field to work in and Mercedes is extremely proud to now be a part of it.

Mercedes Kuny

Mckenzie Bentley grew up in Dalmeny, SK and is now living in Warman, SK. Mckenzie decided to become an RVT because she has always loved every type of animal and continuously learning which means that veterinary medicine has a lot to offer her. Mckenzie currently has three animals: a rescue mixed breed dog named Yahto, a rescue cat named Hank (pictured), and a red-eared slider turtle named Squirt. Growing up she’s previously had pets from hermit crabs to a cockatiel. After graduation Mckenzie has accepted a job at a small animal clinic and would love to have a specialty one day. Mckenzie has big dreams to someday work with wildlife, zoo animals, or even in a research setting. Her favourite part of becoming an RVT so far is educating clients and enriching their pet’s life both behaviorally and nutritionally. Mckenzie loves seeing new and familiar pets every day and having puppies or kittens come into the clinic will always put a smile on her face. Mckenzie loves outdoor adventures such as camping, canoeing, and hiking and would love to try white-water rafting again. Anything outside in the fresh air Mckenzie finds relaxing. In the future Mckenzie looks forward to continuing to volunteer at Catsnip and La Ronge spay/neuter clinics.

Mckenzie Bentley

Amber Rudolph was born and raised in Regina, SK, and has a dog and two cats and enjoys camping and travelling. Amber decided to become an RVT after trying to find something that would involve animals in her everyday life. She came across the VT program and thought it was a perfect fit. Amber loves how RVTs have so many different roles and responsibilities. Amber’s plans are to continue working in a small animal practice after graduating to continue to expand her skills and knowledge. Amber’s favourite part of being an RVT so far is the continuous learning aspect and the fact that there’s no day that repeats itself. Amber is excited to expand her knowledge because there’s so much to learn about in the field of vet met and share her knowledge to help educate clients and answer their questions.

Amber Rudolph

Lyle Medernach is from Allan, SK. Lyle discovered one day that all of his favourite people were animal lovers so he figured that becoming an RVT was the best way to work with a group of people that he enjoyed being around. Lyle also wanted to learn more about modern medicine without having to deal with sick people. Although Lyle doesn’t have any of his own pets he is always looking for pets at parties and get togethers. Lyle is looking forward to paying off student loan debt and is employed at VIDOInterVac. One of Lyle’s favourite parts about being an RVT is that it’s like being the fun uncle – he gets to play with all the pets but doesn’t have to pick up any poop (so to speak). Lyle’s passions are music and education. He loves listening to and playing music and is always looking for a new subject to learn about. In the future Lyle is excited to learn more about medicine and animal wellness in all of its facets. Lyle would like to get involved with wildlife groups and see what affects animals in the Canadian forests (so hit him up if you have opportunities). Lyle came into the program at Sask Polytech with no experience with animals in a clinic setting. His entire understanding of animal care consisted of growing up on a farm feeding livestock and barn cats. Even so, the community welcomed Lyle with open arms and gave him all the help he needed both in school and in clinics, to become a proper Vet Tech. Lyle says it goes to show that even an oddball with no foreknowledge of what he is walking into, can succeed with nothing more than an urge to learn and a positive smile.

Getting a photo of Lyle proved difficult so.. pretend this photo is Lyle – which means you have to image this stick figure VERY tall.

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