Favourite Part of Being an RVT..

We asked RVTs to share what their favourite part of being an RVT is..

My favourite part of being a RVT is working with the doctors and coming up with a plan to help sick patients.  Working as a team and then getting to send the animal home to very happy owners makes my job very rewarding.

My favorite part of being an RVT is the education I can provide to kids and adults! I love speaking with Pony club groups, the Pre Vet club, Riding groups and at other venues. I enjoy the teaching aspect of my job. The response is always great when they can interact and dissect or ask questions.

One thing I discovered I love about being an RVT is pulling quills. Grab some gloves, a stool and settle in for a nice relaxing pull session.

My favourite part about being an RVT over the last 10 years is, witnessing the magic between pet and owner. Call it love or bond but when I see a cat purring and rubbing up on their owner when just 5 minutes prior to the owner arriving they were trying to attack me, is just humbling to see.

To enter into our next contest comment with what your favourite part is on the blog or by emailing savt@savt.ca. Winner gets chocolate, swag, and a heartworm!

2 thoughts on “Favourite Part of Being an RVT..

  1. My favorite part about being a RVT is the challenge I face on a day to day basis. This may not only be with the animals but pet owners and producers as well! Everyday is different so it always keeps me on my toes!


  2. My favorite part about being and RVT is helping an animal to go from terrified to happy with a little extra TLC, and to watch their relationship with their owner grow and improve as the owner begins to understand what a pets body language is telling them. Helping to foster and grow the human animal bond and see the benefits of all parties involved makes my heart happy!


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