Student Features

The SAVT published features of students that graduated from Sask Polytech this year from the Veterinary Technology program. We wanted to put them all in one place and share them with you.

Jesse LeCuyer, from Nipawin, Saskatchewan, decided to become an RVT a few years after she graduated from high school.  She had always know that she wanted to work in the field of Veterinary Medicine.  Jesse is a dog person and has a Pomeranian named Peanut, a lab cross named Aneira, and a DSH named Snotty back home.  After graduation she plans to work at Frontier Animal Hospital in Saskatoon, before considering going to the west coast to try and get involved with marine animal rehabilitation.  Jesse has always had an interest in marine animals and would love to work with them one day.  Her favourite part about being an RVT is the chance to do so many different things.  For example, being an RVT combines so many skills like diagnostic imaging, anesthesia, surgery, animal husbandry/nursing, pharmacy skills, and client care into one career with the absolute cutest patients. 

Lacey Lubovicki grew up on a farm near Allan, SK with cats, dogs, sheep, cattle, poultry, and llamas. Growing up she didn’t even know vet techs existed but decided to become an RVT to be able to help and understand her own animals as well as others. Her absolute favourite thing about this industry is how diverse it is and how important RVTs are in any job involving animals! She is extremely passionate about educating people about our industry. Lacey’s current pets include a cat (Teddy), a rat (Lily) and 5 chickens. Her plans upon graduation are to work in small animal for a few years to keep and build my skills and then eventually move into the cattle world again where her real passion lies. Calves never fail to make her smile so feel free to comment pictures of your cattle to spread the cow love!
(Pictured is Lacey and her sheep, Snowy after trimming her hooves)

Kyla Custer grew up on a farm outside North Battleford. As a child Kyla always wanted to work with animals but did not want to head to vet school as she isn’t a school person. Through her Google searches she came upon Veterinary Technology which she knew would be perfect for her. Kyla has a three legged cat named Peggy and loves both small and large animals and cannot wait to start in a mixed practice. She is heading home to North Battleford to work at Lakeland Veterinary Services and is excited to learn and work with amazing animals and people.

Paige Matheson grew up in Saskatoon and always wanted to work with animals from a young age but not as a veterinarian. When she came across the Veterinary Technology program she knew it was a perfect fit because RVTs are involved in so many aspects of Veterinary Medicine. Paige and her fiancé have one cat, Vanna, a Great Pyrenees named Lucy who they adopted in 2015 and a mischievous rabbit, Wish. Paige wants to give a shout out to Lucy for her patience while she was learning to bandage and take TPRs. Paige also collects coins and has an extensive collection of pennies! Paige is ecstatic to be joining the team at Forest Grove Veterinary Clinic and to work with family pets.

Brittany Szautner grew up in Muenster, Saskatchewan, and lived there her whole life. She had an interest in veterinary medicine since she was a kid and has always loved animals and found them extremely interesting. She finally decided to pursue it in grade 10 when she found out what an RVT was. She continues to love all animals and at home has a dog, three cats, a horse, and two rats and cannot wait to add more! After graduation she plans to return home and continue working at the clinic in Humboldt where she has been working for a few years now and eventually return to school to become a farrier. Her favourite part of working in veterinary medicine is the animals but what also the constant learning. She loves learning and loves waking up every morning doing what she loves.

Kaylee Wall grew up on an acreage in Big River, Saskatchewan, and has had a variety of pets growing up including dogs, cats, rabbits, lovebirds, and horses. Kaylee has always had a passion for animal care, husbandry, and veterinary medicine and this passion led her to completing a degree with a major in animal science. She worked in barns and clinics and became more familiar with the role RVTs play in veterinary medicine and she knew it would be a career she would enjoy and pathology and anatomy/physiology are her favourite subjects and her favourite part about being an RVT is the continuous learning and teaching that the job requires. After graduation she would like to work in a mixed animal practice or large animal clinic.

Mabel Ng grew up in Burnaby, BC, and always wanted to be a part of the veterinary industry. She didn’t realize that being an RVT was the perfect way to express and share her passion until enrolling in the program. Mabel looks forward to exploring all aspects of veterinary medicine and immersing herself in everything that the industry has to offer. She looks forward to the nursing aspect of being an RVT and being able to utilize all her technical skills to advocate for animal health and welfare. Mabel is a certified scuba diver, retired competitive swimmer, and volunteers with the Sask Polytech SLAC and the SAVT Board of Directors as a student liaison.

Tasha Wiley grew up on an acreage outside of Dalmeny. Animals have always been a passion for Tasha and being able to be an advocate for creatures who cannot speak for themselves, making sure that they are given the same treatment and opportunities as everyone else would be given, and giving animals a voice is exactly why she became an RVT. Her favourite part of being an RVT is all the different experiences and opportunities that RVTs have from small animal clinics to large to wildlife, exotic, marine, or specialties. There are so many things that RVTs can learn and she is excited to explore that. Tasha has two wonderful boxers, Roxy and Bailey, that are now two years old and the three of them spend a lot of time outdoors camping or swimming at the river. After graduation she will be starting at Furry Friends Animal Hospital as their second RVT and one day she wants to work in wildlife.

Kabrina Corey grew up outside of Saskatoon near Vanscoy. She had a passion for animals from a young age and wanted a career in a health care field so the Vet Tech program seemed like a great fit. Kabrina has always been interested in the area of physical rehabilitation and is extremely excited to be joining the team at the Veterinary Mobility Centre in Regina shortly after she graduates where she looks forward to exploring a diverse career and the many different areas, opportunities, and people that are devoted to bettering the lives of animals.

Ashley Anderson grew up in Regina and decided to become an RVT because of her love for the practical aspects of the job: physical exams, treatments, xrays, dental, etc. It was also Ashley’s family that helped her decide as they have fostered animals through the Regina Humane Society for the past 13 years. Her favourite part of being an RVT is dentistry and surgery and she is excited to explore that passion at 24 HR Animal Care Centre in Regina where she will be working after graduation.

Marlayna Morgan’s dad was in the military so she grew up all over Canada. She was fortunate enough to see most of the country growing up. When Marlayna would think about her future it always involved animals whether it was just a few pets or becoming a crazy cat lady – becoming an RVT just made sense to her. Her favourite part about being an RVT is that she found her people – people that are passionate, hard working, intelligent, and caring. Marlayna finds it nice to be surrounded by such positive and professional people and after graduation she will be working at VCA Central Animal Hospital and continue to volunteer with the SAVT (where she is on the board as a student liaison), Catsnip, and maybe more!

Lea Rhode grew up on a farm outside of Lanigan, Saskatchewan surrounded by her dogs, cats, horses and rabbits. Having always been fascinated with the many aspects of veterinary medicine, Lea knew as soon as she started the program that she wanted to dedicate her life to advocating for animals as an RVT. Lea’s favourite part of being a veterinary technologist is the versatility that the profession provides. At home, Lea continues sharing the love with her 2 year old cat, Gizmo. After graduation, you can find Lea giving the best care to companion animals at VCA Central Animal Hospital.

Courtney Penner grew up mostly in Saskatoon and has wanted to be involved with animals but didn’t want to quite be a DVM. Courtney is the mom of two amazing boys, Lucas who is 4 and Zac who is 9. She also has two cats (Chase and Annabelle), 2 dogs (Charlie and Berlin), and would love to own a snake again or a bearded dragon. Courtney would love to work with exotics or in a mixed practice some day. Her favourite part is helping animals by being their voice and being there for the owners.

Shelby grew up on an acreage outside Humboldt with a wide variety of pets. Since a young age, she has always wanted to be part of the veterinary medicine field and vet tech was perfect. She loves being able to help animals of all sizes and hopes to be part of a mixed animal practice in rural Saskatchewan.

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