CenCan 2020: Cream of the Canadian Crop

While February might not be on many people’s minds (let’s face it, who wants to think about that wintry month when we’re just getting started with summer), we’ve been hard at work on CenCan 2020, contacting speakers based off the feedback we received from the survey we sent out. The emails have been sent to speakers, the contracts have gone out, and we’re starting to get them back!

We’re excited! We’ve got a pretty great lineup of speakers, and we want to share a few names to get you excited too.

Dr. Marie-Claude Blais is making her CenCan debut. Dr. Blais is an expert in transfusion medicine, and we’re excited to hear her talk about it.

Jolene Watson will bring her expertise on mental health and dealing with stress, something we all can benefit from.

Dr. Soren Boysen (teacher of the year at UCVM) will present on using binary questions and a five-minute practical point of care ultrasound exam to assess the pleural space, lungs, abdomen, and cardiovascular system.

Dr. Angelica Galezowski is coming to talk all things Cytology!

That’s just a few of the speakers we have lined up for February 7-9, 2020. Registration info will be coming in the next while, and we hope to see you there!

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