BCVTA Spring Conference

Thank you to the BCVTA for the invitation to attend their spring conference. I had an amazing time networking, learning, creating new connections, and bringing greetings from the SAVT. I was able to attend an entire day of talks from Tasha Mcnerney and she has officially turned me into an anesthesia nerd! I also love tacos but maybe not as much as she does.. and I don’t think I would ever tattoo a drug’s molecular make-up on my body but I mean she LOVES dexdomitor! She is very passionate about making anesthesia safer for not only the patient but for the DVMs and RVTs working with them.

Mostly, I want to thank the membership for trusting me to represent you as SAVT President and bring greetings from our amazing association. I learned so much from the weekend and am excited to bring it back to use with the SAVT Board and the association. One thing I can tell you is that I learned that saying thank you goes a long way for people and we all need to say it more so THANK YOU!

From Breanne Barber, RVT, SAVT President

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